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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days. Despite this, many businesses are yet to catch up to this important shift in web browsing. Having a mobile-friendly site isn’t just optional anymore — if you want to reach the greatest number of potential customers, you have to make this feature a priority

In a nutshell, a mobile-friendly site is one that will be read just as easily on a smartphone as on a laptop. Site visitors won’t need to zoom in to read your content. Instead, content will be rearranged to adapt perfectly to the available screen space. Visitors will also have intuitive options for calling or emailing you directly from their mobile device.

This way, when someone using their smartphone discovers your site during a Google search, they’ll have no trouble deciding if they want to do business with you. Ensuring that a site is both mobile- and desktop-friendly requires a bit of programming knowledge, but the ability to reach all potential online customers makes it well worth the effort.

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