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Security Updates

The internet gives you more opportunities to reach new customers than ever before — but it also comes with its fair share of dangers. After all, if you can log in and edit your site, you can rest assured that hackers will try to do so as well. Just like you lock up your physical storefront to protect your inventory from break-ins, so too do you need to take action to stop digital threats.

Even if you don’t process payments or other confidential information online, not keeping your site’s databases and plug-ins fully up to date is a recipe for disaster. Though some hackers will try to take control of your system and hold it “hostage” in exchange for a ransom, most use your website to send spam emails without your knowledge.

In these situations, website owners only discover they were hacked after their hosting provider cancels their account for consuming too much bandwidth or sending an excessively high amount of communication. In some cases, these incidents can also cause your site to get penalized by Google.

Needless to say, it is essential that your security is updated on a regular basis. Not all hosting providers do this for their customers, but at Hatch, we consider this a top priority! In addition to routinely installing updates on our web servers and all Hatch websites, we also monitor the global scene to identify new security threats. We also participate in a security community that shares information on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

By making your security one of our top priorities, we ensure that you’ll be protected from the biggest dangers the web might throw your way.