Photo Galleries For Every Page | Hatch

Photo Galleries For Every Page

Here at Hatch, we’re always looking for new ways to allow you to fully customize your website. In a continuation of these efforts, we’re pleased to announce that our latest platform now gives you the ability to add a photo gallery to any page on your site!

Best of all, this update allows you to place your photo galleries anywhere within the content of a page. You’re no longer limited to placing your gallery at the bottom or top of the page — instead, your images can go wherever they best fit with the rest of your content. You can even add more than one photo gallery to a page, if desired.

This new update also allows your site to host video galleries. To reduce loading times and bandwidth consumption, videos included in these galleries must be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo before they are embedded on your site.

With these new gallery options, you can make your site more visually appealing than ever before. They’re the perfect way to showcase your products and services or whatever else you’d like to share! How do you plan on taking advantage of this latest update?