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"Owner Friendly" Online Stores

These days, it seems like more and more entrepreneurs are starting their business through eBay or Etsy. While this may seem like a great way to sell products online, many continue to run their business solely through these sites without designing a website of their own. 

While selling your products through these online platforms may seem easier or more convenient, this actually presents a serious problem for business owners.   

Such sites charge exorbitant fees for each transaction—and in some cases, for each product you sell. In the weeks or months that you sell your products through these sites, the total fees can amount to several thousand dollars, resulting in significantly less take-home pay. That’s hardly owner-friendly! 

In addition, these platforms don’t provide a true web presence.

It’s up to you to acquire or build a website outside of Etsy or eBay  — they won’t host a site for you.  If you don’t create your own site, you’ll likely miss out on countless customers who use Google or Bing (rather than specialized shopping platforms) to find new businesses and products. At Hatch Web Development, we can help you solve both of these problems by constructing a website with a fully integrated online store. 

With a secure, easy-to-use store directly incorporated into your website, you can sell your products without those pesky transaction fees

. Better yet,  a quality website will improve your brand visibility online, making it that much easier to attract new customers.  Save money and increase your earning potential  — it ’s clear that having your own website is the most owner-friendly option for online stores!