How to Use Content Sections

How to Use Content Sections

One unique aspect of our websites is that we have developed content sections that can be added to any page. These are preconfigured content displays such as photo galleries, text areas, and fullscreen banners that can be added to a page and reordered to create custom landing pages and unique layouts. Each content section is like an essential ingredient that helps you build a unique and effective web page.

How to Use Content Sections

Submitted by Hatch on Tue, 03/09/2021 - 8:00am
Start Bold and Beautiful

You only have a few seconds to make an impression online, so it is essential that you lead with your best. To accomplish this, our page builder features a hero banner image or background video area that is displayed as a header element directly behind the page title. You also have the option to add a short paragraph of supporting text. This creates a dramatic and memorable effect that immediately gives your site visitor a comprehensive understanding about the page’s content.

Include Videos, Downloads, and Webforms

Our system gives you the ability to place any Vimeo or YouTube video on a page as a featured marketing video or a silent auto-playing background video. You can also add a section where visitors can complete file downloads for PDFs, PowerPoints, and other resources. Webforms can also be placed on any page so you can collect visitor contact information. You can drag and drop the order of how these sections are displayed on each page, giving you a lot of control over layout, placement, and content.

Create Custom Layouts

When choosing a Hatch design, be sure to ask for examples of all available content sections for your template. Most of our sites come with a wide array of content sections, such as image slideshows, video galleries, webforms, full-width content displays, event calendars, and more. This gives you endless options for building custom landing pages and extending the viability of your site.

While our templates offer a great starting point, using content sections can help you make your website truly one of a kind. Our easy to use system and diverse content options make it easy to create a stunning and effective website. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about content options for your site.