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How to Optimize Your Blog Content

It’s one thing to have a blog. It’s quite another to have one that actually helps you attract new customers and increases your SEO ranking. So what can you do to optimize your blog content so it can be more effective than ever? Here are a few key tips to ensure you get more out of your website’s blog.

Smarter Keyword Use

Keywords are the foundation of good blogging, but far too many people don’t know how to use them properly. For best results, pick one or two long-tail keywords that relate to your chosen blog topic. Keywords like “save time mowing my lawn” are generally better than something generic like “lawn mowers.”

Next, be sure that you incorporate this keyword into your content title and body text, as well as your meta description and URL. Incorporate the keyword so that it blends naturally with the rest of the text. Keyword stuffing will read strangely and get you penalized by Google.


Link Internally

Many business owners know it is helpful to have other reputable sources link to their website, but adding internal links to your blog will also improve your SEO ranking. When you link to other relevant pages on your site, it helps indicate their relevance and usefulness to Google. It can also help customers spend more time on your site!

Typically, your best option is to link to other blog posts, though you can also link to other pages if they are relevant to the post topic.


Optimize Images

A quality blog needs images, but you need to do more than merely upload a photo. To ensure your photos help your SEO efforts, you should first make sure that you don’t upload files that are too big. When possible, try to limit photo uploads to files smaller than 1 MB. Larger files could slow down your site loading time, which can hurt your SEO ranking.

You should also take a moment to customize your photo’s “alt text.” Changing a generic file name to a specific, relevant description that includes the post’s focus keyword will provide an extra SEO boost.