How Often Should a Website Design Change? | Hatch

How Often Should a Website Design Change?

In this digital age, a great-looking website is essential for attracting and retaining customers. But how often should you update your site’s design? While you don’t want your content to look like it’s still stuck in the 90s, you also don’t want to make changes so frequently that you confuse your customers.


At Hatch, we recommend that you review and update your website design once every three years. We believe this strikes the perfect balance, keeping content fresh while avoiding confusing or frustrating customers.


The fairly regular frequency with which you should update your website design is why we created Hatch in the first place. We know that you want your upgrades to be easy and cost-effective.


Once you create a website through Hatch, we can help you upgrade the design when needed without the busy work. You only have to submit content to our database once — when we create your site. After this, we can quickly make any needed design updates, without you needing to re-enter the content (unless you wish to change your content).


By simplifying the redesign process, helping your website maintain a fresh and modern look will be easier than ever — something both you and your customers will appreciate.