How Often Should I Update My Website? | Hatch

How Often Should I Update My Website?

While upgrading your website’s design and features every two years is important, another essential question to consider is how often you should update your web content. After all, you want to give people a reason to keep coming back to your website!

In general, the best way to update your website is to include a blog where you make new posts at least twice a month. While you might not think you have anything interesting to write about, this is never the case. After all, you have your unique industry knowledge and experiences that you can share with your customers to help them with their day-to-day needs. You could also cover industry and company news and other relevant, time-sensitive items.

The most important thing is that you develop a habit of regularly updating your blog with interesting and informative content. One way to make this easier is to write your blogs in batches. Set aside a few hours (or even a full day) where you can sit down and write a few months’ worth of blogs. Then, you’ll just need to schedule them for publication.

Whether you plan on setting aside time each week to write a new blog post or prefer to write in batches, forming this habit will keep your site fresh and interesting. Don’t be afraid to let yourself get into a writing groove!