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How to Keep Site Navigation Simple

Everyone wants a simple website with easy-to-use navigation. Achieving this goal mostly depends on how you organize your site menus. Here are a few practices we recommend that will improve your menus and help simplify website navigation.

How to Keep Site Navigation Simple

Submitted by Hatch on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 1:28pm
Drop-Down Menus

As we’ve noted before, we strongly encourage that online menus be limited to five items or less. If you absolutely need to add more items, use drop-down menus. Nest similar pages under the same drop-down item so that everything is arranged in a logical way. This helps the main menu continue to look organized while also simplifying choices for the visitor.

Placeholder Menu Items

Just like how we use folder names to categorize files on our computers, menu placeholders can serve as a way to categorize or classify a group of links within your menu. The placeholder menu doesn’t link to any landing page. Instead it serves as a non-clickable label. For example, you could have a non-clickable “Services” placeholder menu, with clickable links for each of your separate services below that.

Collapsed Menus on Mobile

One common template problem is when customizations are made without checking for mobile functionality. To avoid this, we thoroughly test mobile navigation for each of our websites. We also have the header menu dynamically break down into an expandable icon so that each template has two mobile-dynamic menus. This way, navigation is easy no matter what the size of a user’s screen.

While limiting the number of menus and menu items is best, these additional strategies will further streamline the way visitors use your site. By incorporating these tools, you will create a more user-friendly site.