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Have You Claimed Your Google Business?

Helping customers discover your business online isn’t always easy. However, many of the best ways to grow your company come from doing small and simple things online — and one of the best examples of this is using Google’s “My Business” service.


“My Business” is a free service offered by Google. When your business location is listed on Google Maps, a Google page is automatically created. When you own the business, Google gives you the opportunity to claim the page and update the information yourself.


While this may not seem like a big deal, it is essential that business owners claim their page. The information that other users provide may be incorrect. When this happens, your Google listing might list the wrong phone number, or even the wrong hours.


By claiming your Google Business, you have total control over the information that is shared with the public. You can ensure that potential customers know your correct operating hours so that you don’t miss out on sales. You can even improve your SEO by linking to your website.


Adding as much information as possible will show your business in the best light and help new customers decide to use your services. Claiming and updating your Google Business may only take a few minutes, but it will deliver lasting results.