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Are Your Passwords Up-to-Date?

You might think that you don’t need complex keywords if you are a small business. Don’t fall for this myth. In reality, smaller brands are a top target for hackers and other malicious individuals because they assume you don’t have strong digital security practices. Having a complex password is essential for protecting your website and other company assets.


Generally speaking, the longer and more complex the password, the better. A mix of letters, numbers, and symbols is strongly recommended. Many experts also recommend using a longer phrase or sentence as your password, rather than a single word. Such measures make it much more difficult for someone else to figure out your password.


Without a strong password, a hacker could easily gain access to your site, uploading dangerous viruses or altering your content. In extreme cases, they could even steal customer information and other confidential data, doing severe damage to your business.


Because of this, you should also take steps to keep others from discovering your password. Don’t give the password to anyone who doesn’t truly need it — low-level employees shouldn’t have full access to your site. If you need to write down your passwords, keep the note someplace where others won’t be able to find it. Using different passwords for different services and accounts will also provide an extra layer of security.


By regularly going through your passwords and changing them to reflect top security practices, you will more effectively protect your entire business.